I guess I've always considered myself an environmentalist: It started with elementary school where we were taught not to open the windo...

I guess I've always considered myself an environmentalist: It started with elementary school where we were taught not to open the window while the heating was on or to turn off lights when not using them and trying to rely more on natural lighting. They also told us that the polar caps were melting due to the high amount of CO2 (little did I know what this excactly meant at the age of  8) in our atmosphere to which we contributed by using electricity. This shocking fact made me urge my mum to buy these special energy saving plugs and inspired me one afternoon to do a PowerPoint Presentation (well it probably rather was a collection of singular slides) on my sister's computer, with the title "Save the Polar Bears", explaining how turning off unneccessary lights and buying energy saving bulbs would help them to keep their homes and prevent the polar caps from melting. I remember feeling utterly empowered and proud, thinking I was making a big difference as I showed the presentation to my family.

Of course water also always was a big issue and in 6th grade I actually bought a device that would measure how much water I used during a shower and for the following months I religously tried not to exceed the maximum amount of water measured.

Later I learned in Geography  that a huge contributor to greenhouse gas emissions are transport and coal power station which was the reason why I started looking more into ways of producing clean energy and was very happy when my mum decided to install solar cells on one side of our roof.

Speaking of my mum: She was the person that probably influenced me the most to become the person I am today, as far as environmetalism is concerned. Since more than half my lifetime she has only been buying organic and ecological products, from food and cosmetics to cleaning agents and toilet paper. Even though I was very thankful for her putting so much effort into living an eco-friendly life-style, I often made fun of  my her environmentalism and thought she was exaggerative about it. There was a phase (puberty, of course) where I was in fact very embarassed when she would refuse taking a plastic bag when sohpping for clothes or groceries. But growing up I was starting to adopt many of her habits such as the mentioned refusing of (plastic) bags or making other people aware of evironmental problems. I realized that there was absolutley nothing wrong with being an environmentalist and trying to also educate other maybe ignorant people.

And that's where I am today: a passionate vegan (I've finally learned that the meat&dairy industry is extremly damaging for our planet) who cares about our wonderful planet while not 
being (or at least trying not to be) pushy or aggressive towards other people but by trying to inspire them through living a green lifestyle myself. Since I love photography and asthetic looking stuff I thought why not create a place where I can share my passion with other people and hopefully inspire my readers to make some tiny steps to a more considerate and mindful lifestyle. Don't get me wrong, this blog won't be all about evironmental problems/veganism etc. but rather things you can keep in mind on your day-to-day life to make your life a little greener as well as lifestyle/aesthetic related stuff (recipes, beauty, decoration, travels, sprirituality...).

Just one last thing: Please keep in mind that I am far from being 100% eco-friendly whatsoever. There are thousands of people out there that live way more environmentallyfriendly than I do but that's not was this is about. It's not about rules and restrictions and being 100% correct all the time. It's about doing the best you can do under your specific circumstances and I simply want to challange myself and grow through this blog to become more compassionate towards all living beings while being creative and continuing to take photographs of whatever comes into my mind.

I hope you have/or had a wonderful day, stay tuned for what is about to come!

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